Family Dentistry (Weekdays Regular)

Family Dentistry (Weekdays Regular)

Does each member of your family visit different dentists to get their routine consultations? We’re sure this process is quite a hassle, as scheduling consultations for them, waiting in line for the appointment, driving each of them to the dentist, etc., would be such an inconvenience. As an alternative, we would like to suggest family dentistry - a one-stop destination for all the dental needs of your family members, irrespective of their ages.

At Christy Dental care, Dr. Han is committed to providing Phoenix with high-quality dental care for the whole family.

What are the advantages of family dentistry?

  • A single consultation can be scheduled for all members of a family for the routine consultations. This makes it easier and more convenient to drive the entire family for consultation and get them treated as required.
  • Family dentists are trained to handle all types of common dental concerns.
  • The ease of scheduling appointments and getting over with the treatment in as little time as possible would surely impress you.
  • As you visit the same family dentist for a few years, they would start to maintain a detailed history of your dental health and related-concerns. This would come in handy when you develop any unforeseen oral concern and wish to get it addressed.
  • Family dentists treat all members of your family - from infants to the elderly.

What services do family dentists offer?

Routine oral examinations: Visiting the dentist once every six months for regular consultations is crucial in ensuring you maintain optimum oral health. During the consultation, the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and spot any concerns that need to be treated, such as cavities, tartar deposits, gum diseases, suspicious growth of tissues, malocclusion, etc.

Restorations: Oral restorations made from dental-grade ceramic are widely used to restore the teeth to their ideal contour, aesthetics, and functionality. Some of the popularly used restorations are crowns, veneers, composite bonding, inlays, onlays, fillings, etc.

Orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic aligners, such as dental braces and Invisalign, are suggested by the dentist to treat malocclusion and alter the alignment of the teeth. We will suggest the right aligners based on the severity of the condition and your preference.

Oral cleaning: Plaque and tartar deposits are known to be the leading cause of cavities and gum diseases. Removing these deposits at regular intervals is crucial in preventing oral concerns. We do so using ultrasonic scaling and root planing procedures, which are quick, minimally invasive, and highly effective.

Cosmetic services: Cosmetic dentistry mainly focuses on enhancing the appearance of one’s smile. Some of the popular cosmetic treatments we offer are teeth whitening, gum contouring, tooth-colored restorations, cleanings, etc.

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