Oral cleaning is a simple yet effective means of removing the plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth surfaces. Dentists recommend getting oral cleaning done at least once in six months to maintain optimum oral hygiene. This ensures you do not develop any cavities or oral infections and have fresher breath for longer.

Need for a dental cleaning

Many patients ask us why it is so important to get dental cleaning done regularly. Plaque and tartar adhered to the teeth are composed of thousands of microbes. They release toxins and acids when they feed on the food debris left in the mouth, which can decay the nearby soft tissues and even erode the enamel. They are known to be the primary cause of cavities and gum diseases, which is why dentists recommend oral cleaning as a primary preventive measure.

How is oral cleaning done?

We use a hand-held scaling device to remove the adhered tartar from the teeth. Previously, dentists used to manually scrape off the tartar using a hook-like scaling tip. But, the advancement in dental technology allows dentists to use a better way to perform scaling. We use an ultrasonic scaling device with a metal tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies and dislodges the tartar deposits. It is combined with a jet of water to wash away the removed debris. The dentist will use an intraoral camera to spot tartar on the teeth, after which every face of every tooth will be cleaned thoroughly.

Is oral cleaning painful?

Scaling doesn't involve changing the structure of the teeth as the tip only removes the upper layer of plaque. Patients may feel a tingling sensation when the dentist performs the procedure, but no pain at all. In case you feel too nervous to sit still in the dental chair, we will administer a mild dental sedative in the form of Nitrous Oxide to ease your nerves.

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